TACTICAL RESPONSE LLc. K-9 Training & Services
EST. 2003

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K-9 Services
Tactical Response offers K-9 service for about every situation. Because we offer a wide variety of K-9 services it can not all be put on this site. Please call for more details .
(203) 642-3751

When it comes to hiring a private company for K-9 Services most municipalities, the general public and companies are skeptical. You should be! There are a lot of "Fly By Night" K-9 Companies out there. Here at Tactical Response I invite and expect you to ask question, ask to see my certifications and see a demonstration. I have nothing to hide and I am up to the test. I pride myself on striving to perfect my skills and I am always looking for new ways to train and fine tune my tactics. I have to re-certify each year with an outside company(K9ONE, a CT based facility) that is highly respected and frequently used by police department K-9 Units through out Connecticut. I received my initial certification as a Patrol Dog Handler in 2005. The year before I was going through hands on training and countless hours of book and field testing. My K9 partner (Duke Von Hunter) and I were certified in the areas of Advanced Obedience, Search & Rescue, Tracking, Narcotic Detection (Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin and Methamphetamines) and Protection Work by using United States Department of Defense Standards.
K-9 Search & Rescue. This service is for Emergency Services ONLY. Due to the nature of SAR and Life Safety it is Emergency Services that request and are in charge of these types of services.
Animal Search and Rescue. This is a service for pet owners. If you have a lost dog I will track his scent to the source (Your lost Dog).
For more information please call direct.

K-9 Narcotic Detection. This service if for the concerned parent and business owner. We all know what a negative effect drugs have in both the job world and home life.  I will do a discrete search of the home or business when people are not around day or night. I do this because I want both the business owner and parent to retain the trust with the other people involved and keep everything confidential. Since Tactical Response is a private company I don't have to involve the police. If I do find narcotics( narcotics are sniffed out and are not touched by the Handler except in field testing a substance) the responsibility to destroy and or handle the narcotics is with the Client.  I leave that decision up to you. Doing this you can interdict before a drug problems gets out of control or he/she gets arrested and costs you thousands of dollars in court fees, fines and damages your personal/business reputation. In short Tactical Response is the last step before legal action is taken against your loved one or an employee.
I offer on site narcotic testing of unknown substances with our field test kits. I am Certified by NIK Armor Forensics in narcotic field testing.
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