TACTICAL RESPONSE LLc. K-9 Training & Services
EST. 2003

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1. Socialize your K9 to everything. This includes all types & ages of people,dogs,sights,sounds and places.
2. Never allow your K9 on the furniture. This will only make your K9 think of himself as an equal "pack" member.
3. Never feed your K9 people food or treats from the table. If you follow this rule, you will never have a begging problem.
4. Always praise your K9 when he does what you want. This will produce amazing results - even moreso than punishing your K9 when he doesn't do what you want.   
5. Correct your K9 only if you can catch him in the act. Otherwise forget it, and be prepared next time.
6. Train your K9 in basic obdience. This is a MUST, if you want to have a happy, well-behaved companion you can trust in any situation.
7. Remeber: Humans must be the "Pack" leaders. The proper pack structure is easily established if obedience training is done.
8. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER hit your K9! This will only make behavior problems worse.
9. Utilize the 4 Ps in training: Practice, Patience, Praise and Proper Timing (within 1.5 - 2 seconds of a behavior).
10. Think like a K9 when you are trying to teach him something. Do not treat your K9 like a human with fur. Treat him with respect and in training always try to look at things from his perspective.

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