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"Pride & Dedication"
K-9 In Home Training;
The fact that your are reading this means that you are serious about making the life between you and your beloved K9 a safer, happier and well mannered one. Tactical Response is a Norwalk CT based K-9 training company (Fully Insured & Certified) serving Fairfield County that trains all types of K9s and their owners without the owner or K9 ever having to leave home. Unlike the lager companies we train your K9 where he lives, not at some large facility with various types of distractions and yes other K9s and people that may scare your K9 and you. I believe that training should take place where your K9 can focus, be comfortable and ABLE to learn. That place is in the home. Thus making learning that much easier, quicker and with better performance results. Tactical Response tailers each training session to the individual dog and owner's needs.
For more details go to K-9 Training Programs.
K-9 Services;

The K-9 Services is a highly trained and certified(annual re-certification) K-9 Team. The K-9 Team is made up of One Handler and One K-9. Both are trained and certified together to make up the team. This team can be hired by the General Public, Schools, Municipalities and Companies. The K-9 Team is certified in Search & Rescue (Police Use Only), Tracking, Narcotic Detection and Security/Protection operations. When you hire the K-9 Team for your purposes it is always both K-9 and Handler. The K-9 is NEVER left alone on any operation.
For more details go to K-9 Services.
K-9 Training Philosophy
At Tactical Response I know that there are many different tactics used to train a K9. I research, go to seminars and try as many different tactics as I can and find the best humane tactics to use. Every training tactic is different just as every K9 is different. Therefore one tactic may work with one K9 and not with another. I believe in a balance between positive reinforcement  and compulsion tactics(physical correction). This balance is tailed to each K9 and is usually about 90% positive and 10% compulsion.I also believe in and train by providing management and planning skills, shaping behaviors, being proactive and setting the K9 up to succeed. I have had overwhelming success using these tactics. As a result I find the bond between owner and K9 is much stronger and more reliable. The drive for both the owner and K9 is that much higher and makes learning that much more fun and enjoyable for both. The final result is a strong leadership structure with a K9 that wants to learn and chooses to learn and preforms out of enjoyment and love rather than fear.
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State of Connecticut License # 856258


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