TACTICAL RESPONSE LLc. K-9 Training & Services
EST. 2003

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K-9 Training Programs
K-9 Consulting Session:
This session is design to tailer your future training. It consists of finding out your K9's History(pure breed, mix, shelter dog etc...), Medical History, Previous Training(if any), Living style (inside/outside, combination dog), amount of exercise, Why you want training, What behavior problems exists, etc..Your history with K9s, Your history with past training. What you expect to be the end result. Through this session I will be able to tailer fit a training program specifically for your K9 and you with realistic goals with realistic time frames. Every dog and owner is different. Both may learn at different speeds and time for practice in between sessions may be difficult at times to manage, therefore some training may take longer while others may be shorter.
All K-9 Training programs begin with the first sessions with the consultation (usually One Hour).
K-9 Behavior Modification:

Behavior modification is a behavior you the owner believes to be inappropriate (excessive barking, Jumping, Digging, Chewing, Etc..). I will work directly with you to find out and understand why your K9 is behaving in this way and explain it to you. Then I will come up with a custom treatment plan to modify the behavior. In all behavior modifications I will also address leadership skills and exercise programs. Many times these two areas are the root cause of a problem due to lack of compliance and or lack of existence.
At this time I am not accepting K9 aggression cases. I do recommend that you still call because some aggression cases have been misread as aggression and a simple treatment plan could have modified the behavior.
K-9 Obedience Program(s):
Basic (On-Leash) and Advanced (Off-Leash) obedience sessions are available. Both programs consist of approximately 6 one hour sessions scheduled at your convenience. Your K9 will learn to walk on a leash without pulling, Heel, Stay, Sit, Down, and Come on command. Each program will also cover leadership exercise, grooming and safety.
K-9 Group Classes:
I teach all my group K-9 classes through the Town of Darien Park and Recreation Department. Please visit www.darienct.gov/parkrec for availability, dates, times and to register for classes. All group K-9 classes are available to both Darien and non Darien residents. Classes are typically one hour at Cherry Lawn Park. Group classes are a great and safe way to start or fine tune socializing skills and train obedience in a group setting with a professional trainer. Classes are kept small for safety and to give everyone, including the dog, personal attention. This is NOT a class for dog aggression.
K-9 Tune Ups & Exercise Programs:
This service is for K9s that have had obedience training in the past, but have gotten a little rusty! I will evaluate you and your K9 together and give specific advice for any problem you may be having with your K9. The exercise program is more geared to the owner who is a little short on time for re-training. I will work with your K9 one on one at my training area.
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